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                In Mould coating   Out Mould coating   Plastic surface coating   Colorant for steering sheel

                Excellent physical and chemical properties, such as rub resistance, detergent resistance, solvent resistance and resistance to Perspiration.it avoidoverspray consuming less This application does not increase the cycle time of process...



                Excellent physical and chemical properties, such as rub resistance, detergent resistance, solvent resistance and Resistance to Perspiration.Easy application,EMP can make up for the defect of the components.



                l.Excellent adhesion to ABS,ABS-PC,PC. 2.Excellent silver orientating function. 3.Excellent chemical resistance, resistance to alcohol and hand sanitizer.


                1.High color strength, Low dosage.

                2.Adjustable viscosity, easy to apply

                3.The quality of different batches is highly stable.




                Frame release agent   Frame cleaning agent   If you need technical support, please contact info@colortechchina.com    

                High temperature resistant, easy to release, no residue,Keep the mould cleaning cycle at a low level.?




                Environment friendly cleaner,excellent cleaning effect, cost-effective, suitable for all kinds of alloy.












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