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                It's very easy to put TECHPUR colorant in system,the fluidity of pigment can adjust by different production condition.It can add to the polyurethane polyol system in advance or directly put in colorant pump. It doesn't increase the cycle time of process.Our colorant's advantages:1. High color strong/low add 2. Adjustable viscosity, easy to operation...
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                excellent physical and chemical properties, such as resistance to wipe, detergent resistance, solvent resistance, resistance to sweat
                InMouldCoating,it doesn't need to spray overcommit like spray painting,so the usage is more less.
                It doesn't increase the cycle time of process...
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                Die-casting mould、thixocasting and squeeze casting mould
                Apply to all types of magnalium die-casting
                Apply to all types of zinc alloy die-casting
                Apply to vacuum die-casting
                Apply to casting,This castings should be electric plating and powder coating processing.should make casting‘s surface treatment previously,It is recommended to use solution-alkaline solution and acid solution...
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                This Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP) is better than other water absorbent.It's mixed with plastic and rubber,make into mixture and PU products,which have high absorbent materials, durable,such as a variety of sealant and the seals...
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                Compared with traditional low molecular weight additives,it would be improve the products of wear-resisting, scratch resistance, improve product self-cleaning performance.

                The synthesis of ultra-high molecular weight system will not reduce the mechanical properties of products, no any movement, product's surface is not greasy, smooth, wear-resisting


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                Due to polyurethane characteristics, almost all of polyurethane products will be yellowed with time going, but Our product---E-USV can resist yellowing perfectly.Such as our E-USV can be achieved 4 level yellowing test,which under the condition of low adding amount...
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                Safety shoes (or labor insurance shoes) ,their performance indexes are very high. Such as antistatic, non-slip,waterproof, anti puncture. Our antistatic agent can bring your safety shoes antistatic aspects of security, you don't worry about the European and American customers' high standard requirements completely .
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                1、 Good foam-suppressing performance
                2、Without affecting the fundamental properties
                3、High permeability and diffusivity
                4、Stable in chemical properties
                5、No physiological activity, non-corrosive, non-toxic, no adverse side effects, no burning, no burst, high security...
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                After adding liquid flame retardant into polyurethane, flame retardant can form a glassy or stability foam layer at high temperature, it isolated from oxygen, with the effects of insulation、prevent flammable gas to escape. There are two kinds of colors available such as white and black....



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